School Fees and Charges




Legislation has been enacted by the South Australian Parliament that enables schools to continue to set, collect and recover material and services charges. The charge has been verified by the Department of Education and Children's Services. For 2017, the School Governing Council has approved the Material and Services Charge as $265 (GST free) for each fee paying student attending for the full year. Fees are reduced for students commencing during the year.

Over a 40 week school year the Materials and Services Charge averages out to approx. $6.60 per week. Government funded costs include capital works, teachers salaries and various school grants.

School Card

Our State Government provides assistance for each student who meets the current School Card criteria. This system is set up for low-income families as well as families having temporary financial difficulties. Fact sheets and application forms are available from the School Front Office or the School Card Section of the Department of Education and Children's Services. Applications need to be made each School year and should be completed and returned as soon as possible.

Financial Difficulty

Please contact the School Finance Officer to discuss any financial difficulty and make arrangement to pay by instalment. With the instalment agreement it is preferred that the Materials & Services Charge to be paid by the end of Term I if possible.


Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Bank/Visa/Mastercard, EFTPOS, Bpoint (available on this website) and Direct Debit instalment. Card facilities are available for payments over $25. Parents paying by Credit can complete their details on the Invoice and return to the School or if using 'saving' or 'cheque' EFTPOS facilities their card must be presented at the Payment Office. Cheques should be crossed "not negotiable" and made payable to Redwood Park Primary School Council Inc. Consolidated Account.

The Payment Office is open from 8.30 to 9.15 am from Monday to Thursday. If these times are not suitable please contact the Finance Officer.