About Our Canteen

The new Healthy Eating Guidelines for Schools are to be fully implemented during 2008.

The guidelines have been developed because of increasing concerns about:

  • An increase in childhood obesity
  • The earlier onset of Type 2 diabetes
  • The increase in dental decay in children
  • The finding that children who have poor nutrition are at greater risk of poor mental health, lower school results and a greater risk of behavioural problems.

Food and drinks according to the guidelines have been classified into three categories: Green, Amber and Red.
Foods in the green category include breads, vegetables, fruit, lean meat and low fat dairy.
Foods in the amber category include snack food bars, biscuits, ice-cream and pastries.
Foods in the red category include lollies, cakes and fried foods.
Foods in the Red group such as hot chips are not essential to a healthy diet as they are energy dense and nutrient poor foods. For this reason we hold only one hot chip day a term in our canteen.

Many of our students now have a piece of fruit as part of their "brain break" at school. However, they then eat food from the Red Group - chips, cakes and high sugar snacks for recess!

We reviewed the food on sale in the canteen during 2007 and eliminated many foods that have poor nutritional value and those that are high in fats and sugar. We are continuing to review our canteen menu and working towards providing food choices that are all healthy and nutritious.

One of our challenges will be to develop a healthy menu with the limited number of volunteers we have for the preparation and serving of a range of healthy and nutritious choices for children.

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